Improve your security without installing additional security software

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes There are various security measures you can take in order to protect your endpoint, some might be heavy on the machine and not necessarily that helpful, for instance, the traditional antivirus is only 20-40% effective, according to CheckPoint’s blog post from last year. Nevertheless, we do advise having some sort of security on your endpoint Read more about Improve your security without installing additional security software[…]

Goodbye Anti-malware Signatures

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes Anti-malware signatures departure is imminent. For several years traditional antivirus companies are a few steps behind malware authors, unable to cover the millions of malwares created yearly. For example, check the latest posts and hashes at Malware Traffic Analysis with VirusTotal. Often, many engines may not recognize new threats, even from known malware families and Read more about Goodbye Anti-malware Signatures[…]