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Prevention By Deception

Deceptive Bytes is participating in CyLon accelerator

It’s been a while since we posted but we’ve been very busy presenting at CyberTech’s pavilion, meeting Gartner’s Avivah Litan, interviewing with accelerators and much more. We’re happy to officially announce that Deceptive Bytes was selected and is currently participating in CyLon accelerator’s fifth cohort. Different online media sources like Private Equity Wire, Tech City Read more about Deceptive Bytes is participating in CyLon accelerator[…]

Simple tricks to improve your online security

2017 just started and it’s a great opportunity to remind you of ways to keep yourself and your devices (computers, smartphones and other connected devices) safe online: Make sure you have security products installed (Antivirus, Firewall, …) and kept up-to-date constantly. Stay updated, keep your operating system, drivers and software up-to-date since updates fix security Read more about Simple tricks to improve your online security[…]

Mozilla Firefox vulnerable to injection via Gecko configuration file

Background Code injection is the exploiting of a bug or a system’s design in order to change the behavior of a process, a website or a system. Malware authors usually exploits such bugs in order to infect computers and devices, install malicious viruses and perform different tasks like stealing user’s passwords and banking information, spying Read more about Mozilla Firefox vulnerable to injection via Gecko configuration file[…]

Hello new and innovative security technologies

In my previous post, I wrote that Anti-malware signatures are dead. Just days after, Check Point published on their blog that it’s estimated that nowadays traditional antivirus software detect between 20%-40% of malware, a decline from 2014, when a Symantec’s VP estimated the number at 45%, calling Antivirus software “dead”. Your Firewall and other similar Read more about Hello new and innovative security technologies[…]

Goodbye Anti-malware Signatures

Anti-malware signatures departure is imminent. For several years traditional antivirus companies are a few steps behind malware authors, unable to cover the millions of malwares created yearly. For example, check the latest posts and hashes at Malware Traffic Analysis with VirusTotal. Often, many engines may not recognize new threats, even from known malware families and Read more about Goodbye Anti-malware Signatures[…]